About Me

I’m Kim, wife to my best friend, and mother to two beautiful kiddos. I love the mountains, mystery novels, and lots and lots of coffee. When I’m not shooting a session, I’m usually chasing my kids around or editing recent shoots in my pyjamas. Capturing real, raw, and authentic moments is my passion. I believe that photos are more than just images to display; they have the power to evoke powerful emotions and feelings, to transport us to another time and place, to bridge the present and past. Contained within each image is an entire world, brimming with all the moments we will miss when this time is gone. The unbridled laughter, the cuddles, the tiny hands and feet that are growing each day. My goal as a photographer is to capture each detail in your journey: the big moments and events, but also the small, sweet details that comprise them. It’s the newborn session and the way the light plays on your toddler’s face as she watches mama holding her new sister. The family session and the way your hair blends with your daughter’s as you reach down to adjust her dress. I look for moments within moments.

There is very little posing involved in my sessions. Instead, I will get everyone interacting with one another in the most natural way. So snuggle up with your babes, tickle your children, laugh with your partner, and just have fun! Shower your kids with love, show lots of affection to one another, and I will flow with you and capture the magic and story that naturally unfolds. The magic that is in us always, whether or not a camera is present. The story we don’t even realize we are writing until we can zoom out and look through a stranger’s lens. The fleeting, beautiful moments that we often don’t get to see until someone witnesses them on our behalf. So come, let’s hang out! I’m here to witness your journey, to illuminate these magical moments, and to help capture this beautiful story that is your life.

"her sense of calm and fun during the shoot made her such a joy to work with"

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