You’ve Booked Your Session, Now What? I Calgary Family Photographer

1. Client Guide

Once your booking is confirmed and your date is set, you’ll receive a lengthy email that includes my Client Guide. In the guide is written exactly how my sessions are run, what I will do during the session, and what I want you to do during the session (trust me, I only ask you to love on your family, nothing awkward or crazy).

2. Questionnaire

You’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire which will help Me to be prepared. The more details you write, the better equipped I’ll be to guide you during our time together. What games do the kids like? What are your favourite activities to do together? Did you have a traumatic photography experience in the past? (Just kidding! Hopefully not. But tell me if you did.)

3. Styling

When we’re about a month away from our session date, I will contact you again to start our styling process. This can include you coming over for a fitting with my Client Closet, you sending me photos of what’s in your family’s closet, or doing some online shopping together. We could put together all the boho-inspired romantic pieces, or go casual. Usually this process takes a few correspondence to get all the details nailed down. Included in the Client Guide is a Styling Guide as well, and it will go over colour combinations, and what to avoid.

4. Location

This is also the time we would look at our location options unless we’re doing an indoor session. I will send you a list of locations to choose from, and I’ll let you know how long the walk would be, if there will be crowds, if there might be snow still piled up (in the “Spring”), and the exact session starting time which varies by location.

Once the above are all complete, we’re ready and just waiting for our date! I’ll check in with you a couple of times again in the days leading up to the shoot. And let’s go!!

Photoshoots can be nerve-wracking and stressful especially if you’re getting little ones ready too, but I am here for you every step of the way, and trust me, I’ve got you.


I’m Kim, wife to my best friend, and mother to two beautiful kiddos. I love the mountains, mystery novels, and lots and lots of coffee. When I’m not shooting a session, I’m usually chasing my kids around or editing recent shoots in my pyjamas. Capturing real, raw, and authentic moments is my passion. I believe that photos are more than just images to display; they have the power to evoke powerful emotions and feelings, to transport us to another time and place, to bridge the present and past. Contained within each image is an entire world, brimming with all the moments we will miss when this time is gone. The unbridled laughter, the cuddles, the tiny hands and feet that are growing each day. My goal as a photographer is to capture each detail in your journey: the big moments and events, but also the small, sweet details that comprise them.

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